Lower Cost Per Impression – Taxi advertisements provide one of the most cost effective ways of promoting a brand by reaching out to maximum clients by operating 24/7 at least cost per impressions.

To establish a strong business relationship with our clients built on trust and transparency.

To create a new and an organized market space for advertisers through commercial vehicles – focusing on meter taxi.

To get the advertiser closer to the customer by developing a strong bilateral relation.

Establishing a strong one to one relationship with individuals at grass root levels.

Bring about social and health upliftment amongst taxi owners and their immediate family member.


Lower Cost Per Impression – Taxi advertisements provide one of the most cost effective ways of promoting a brand by reaching out to maximum clients by operating 24/7 at least cost per impressions.

Top of the mind recall – Being unconventional, advertisements on taxis ensure that customers recall the brands quicker and make your product stand out in the industry amongst competitors.

Create buzz and Increase awareness – Being an unexplored form of advertisement, the wrapped taxis are going to grab maximum eyeballs.

Maximize impressions via transit advertisements – Our taxis are always on the move, taking your brand all over the city, they are not static!

Local Targeting – Taxi advertisement will also ensure specific local targeting, that is reaching out to the audience in that part of the city whom you would like to target.

Brand Delivery - Our taxis would move across the length and breadth of the city delivering your brand message to more places and more customers.

Assured source of revenue for taxi stake holders-Taxi owners and drivers by wrapping their pre-owned vehicle would insure an unhindered source of additional revenue.

Ensuring regular taxi maintenance related to cleanliness- Greenback Media would ensure top rides for its passengers by keeping the taxis clean and tidy for travel.

Product & Services

At Greenback Media we aim at tapping the unexplored form of transit marketing in the City of Joy. We use the meter taxi running in the city as means of spreading the message of your company to our passengers and passerby – your prospective clients.

Greenback Media has an ever growing fleet of taxis exclusively registered under its brand for the purpose of carrying customized advertisements complying with all the State Transport and the Corporation Laws.

On-Taxi Advertisement

Utilizing the iconic Kolkata taxi, Greenback Media provides an unique advertisement opportunity for your brand to reach out to the maximum number of potential customers spanning across the city at the most cost effective way, attracting maximum eyeballs at least costs per impression.

In-Taxi Advertisement

a. Unconventionality is what separates Greenback from the rest. We specialize in application development to create an interactive platform exclusively accessible by the passengers customized to your needs, to ensure one to one, that is company to customer interaction to optimize your results.

b. Greenback Media also provides other forms of ‘in-taxi’ advertisement which broadly includes distribution of brochures,pamphlets, feedback forms, menus, product list, sample products,refreshments, as preferred by the company for the passengers travelling in the Greenback taxis. This would help your brand get closer to your potential customers.


NGage is the technology topping to OOH visibility. It is an innovation powered by the Group Company of Greenback Media. NGage platform provides several benefits to engage the target consumers of products and services yet to be experienced in our geography. It is a challenge for the modern marketers to rope in the new age young and tech enabled population to engagements. The age old routes of Out of Home visibility and engagements often fail to produce desired result. It has been proven in our studies that NGage offers a much higher chance of engaging out target segment with our brands, products and services. Some of the areas which are well addressed by Ngage are:

1. Sampling of products

2. Direct Customer Acquisition

3. Driving footfall

4. Collection of filtered database

5. Loyalty based promotions

6. Location based promotion

7. Members get members & many more